Available Programs

The ATCN Executive Committee appoints ATCN Regional Directors for each region. The Regional Directors must have extensive knowledge and experience with the ATCN program, policies and procedures and course content and be an ATCN Course Director and each director will have a current nursing license. Responsibilities of the ATCN Regional Directors include but are not limited to:

  1. Assisting with establishing new course sites / inaugural ATCN Courses
  2. Serving as National and International ATCN Faculty
  3. Assisting with ATCN Faculty Courses
  4. Participating in mentoring programs for new ATCN Faculty
  5. Ensuring quality and consistency within the ATCN Program by assuring the ATCN PI program is being adhered to.
  6. Ensuring the utmost respect for and ability to work with differing and diverse cultures/countries
  7. Ensuring that all ATCN Policies and Procedures are adhered to and that course integrity, continuity and consistency are maintained
  8. Communicating the approval of new or revised policies and procedures and forms to Directors and Coordinators in their region
  9. Carrying out duties as assigned by the ATCN Chair, and the ATCN Executive Committee
  10. Providing oversight to their respective regions
  11. Providing an annual report to the ATCN Executive Committee
  12. This is a 3 year appointment with a 6 year term limit.